Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II

16 December 2016

Price: £25

Author: Stephen Moss

Publisher: BBC Books

ISBN number: 978 1849909655

This is a beautiful companion book to the BBC series Planet Earth, complete with stunning images, stills from the programme and a readable accompanying text. The images are visually impressive, superbly illustrating the detailed and engaging prose. Author Stephen Moss adds detail and insight into the lives of the animals featured in the programme, rounding out and giving depth to David Attenborough's inimitable narration. However, the book stands alone and one does not need to have seen the Planet Earth television show to enjoy this absorbing depiction of the natural world.

This is a book you can dip in and out of, read chapters of particular interest or simply enjoy the stunning images. A personal favourite, for example, was the chapter on ‘Cities’, which explores the secret life of animals living in our midst and explains how they have adapted to what is seemingly an inhospitable urban environment. This was particularly intriguing as the vast majority of nature documentaries and books focus on rural environments, and the book gave an entirely new perspective on how wild animals can co-exist and even thrive in the urban ecosystem.

Planet Earth has expanded our horizons and brought us closer than ever to nature, and this book is the perfect way to explore these stories in more depth. I would recommend it to anyone intrigued by the world around us. Eleanor Brown