Men’s Vaude Bormio Jacket

Men's Vaude_Bormio-Jacket

Walk rating

25 November 2016

Price: £180

Weight: 485g

+ The Vaude Bormio uses Polartec Alpha insulation, which as a synthetic option, will retain performance when wet. However, the main plus point of this jacket is how well it can be used while remaining active due to its choice of insulation material. Polartec Alpha is constructed differently to most synthetic insulation in that the direction of its fibres generally run from the inner to the outer fabrics as opposed to overlaying each other in between the inner and outer fabrics. This allows for better wicking to the outer of the garment. The insulation is also connected to a mesh, and so can be used as one continuous 'sheet' as opposed to being arranged in baffles. This helps to eliminate cold spots significantly. Other design features of the Vaude Bormio such as the stretch panels at the sides, and stretch material used for inner and outer fabrics help freedom of movement while the chest pockets and sizeable inner pocket give good storage that can be accessed even while wearing a rucksack hip belt.

-While the Vaude Bormio is certainly the most breathable option in the test, allowing you to continue wearing it when active, it is not the warmest of options. The only minor negative point here is perhaps the overall length of the jacket, which is quite short. Hand warmer pockets may have been more welcome to some than the chest pockets as the only ones on the outer.

VERDICT An excellent jacket for staying warm while active in cold weather, the best in our test if you are looking for a warmer alternative to a fleece throughout the winter for bagging higher summits. Excellent breathability, good fit, and stretch materials mean the Vaude Bormio would be great for more involved activity. But overall, this jacket isn't the warmest and so other jackets may fulfill your needs better if something is needed for rest stops or more leisurely walks.