Men's Keen Versago

Walk rating

25 May 2017

Price: £79.99

Weight: 310g

+ This lightweight ‘fast hiking’ shoe is very comfortable, thanks to underfoot cushioning and an integrated tongue that is simply an extension of the mesh uppers. The flexible midsole permits a natural gait, while the high heel counter adds stability. The light construction is also highly breathable.

- The outsole gives reasonable traction on rocky or loose soil, but the tread is not particularly deep, so avoid mud – particularly since the uppers are not waterproof (although very quick-drying). The midsole is quite flexible, and thus not ideal if carrying a heavy pack or walking long distances.

VERDICT: The light, breathable construction makes this an ideal day-walking shoe on dry, warm summer days. It’s very comfortable and decently cushioned with a trainer-like fit.