Men’s Paramo Velez jacket

Walk rating

23 November 2017

Price: £285

Weight: 615g

+ The Velez is lighter than most Paramo jackets thanks to the use of zoned panels in two different fabric weights and a perforated mesh pump liner. However, this does not compromise waterproof performance, breathability or moisture control, which is excellent. The cut is also noticeably more athletic than previous Paramo jackets, with a closer, trimmer fit in the chest and torso. Unlike most membrane-based shells, the Nikwax Analogy fabric is soft and quiet, and the jacket features a fully adjustable hood with a wired peak, a two-way main zip, a drop tail for additional rear protection and well-placed, practical vents. 

- The front hem is quite short, and we’d have welcomed an additional couple of inches in length to give better coverage. The pump liner that is a pre-requisite of the Analogy waterproofing system also means that this jacket can be a little warm in higher temperatures, though this can be offset by unzipping the vents. On the flipside, in very cold conditions this can be a positive boon, offering more warmth than a conventional shell jacket. 

VERDICT: Practical design, efficient venting, great waterproof performance and an improved fit make this one of the best Paramo jackets we’ve tested. The weight savings almost bring this into the same bracket as other shell jackets – it’s pretty much the same weight as a two-layer Gore-Tex jacket, for example. The only negative is that the shorter hem isn’t ideal for walkers, particularly if you are tall, but it does add versatility for other uses, like climbing or biking. So as a multi-activity jacket for use in cooler conditions, the Velez excels. If Paramo made a slightly longer length version with the same athletic cut but aimed more directly at the hillwalking market, we’d snap one up.