Men's Sprayway Orsk 3 in 1 jacket

Sprayway Orsk 3 in 1 jacket

Walk rating

02 November 2017

Price: £180

Weight: 886g

+ This is what you’d call a 'proper coat', with a fully waterproof 2-layer Hydro/Dry shell on the outside and a detachable Inso/Therm synthetic layer that zips into the inside. The waterproof and insulation layers can be worn separately or as one big, warm, dry jacket (hence the 3-in-1 name), making this a great value piece of kit for year-round use. The drawcord adjustable hem means you can tailor the jacket to your waistline and stop wind from whipping around your torso, while both jackets have easily adjustable cuffs.

- You’re likely to get warm on a long walk or big ascent wearing the full combo, but the fact you can discard a layer if not needed minimises the issue. Both jackets come with their own hood, which makes it a little fiddly when combined, and the relatively short length may be an issue depending on your personal preference.

VERDICT The retro design (including the welcome reintroduction of Sprayway's classic Orange Arete logo) and functional features of the Orsk give it obvious appeal as a general walking coat. It’s comfortable but a little bulky, so not best suited for people who like minimalist lightweight gear.