Running Hard: The Story of a Rivalry

steve chilton running hard

07 September 2017

Price: £17.99

Author: Steve Chilton

Publisher: Sandstone Press

ISBN number: 9781910985564

Fell running is both one of the hardest sports, but also one of the friendliest.  In Running Hard Steve Chilton uses the careers of two of the sports finest exponents to show both the physical cost of hurling yourself up and down big mountains but also the camaraderie and respect between the different competitors.

Incredibly well researched and detailed, Running Hard plunges you into the careers of John Wild and Kenny Stuart, two of the greatest fell runners. He tracks them from the beginnings of their running careers to the momentous 1983 championship in which they took each other on over 18 races. It’s a fascinating, albeit slow-paced, read that effectively chronicles both men’s achievements, abilities and differing approaches. Enough to make you grab some spikes and get on the hills! ​James Austin