Women’s Lowe Alpine Aeon ND33

Walk rating

22 February 2018

Price: £95

Weight: 860g

+ A simple, comfortable and easily-adjustable design, with a lightweight and well-ventilated yet supportive foam back panel. The single buckle closure is very convenient. The harness is made of ultra-thin flexion material, which contours to your shoulders and distributes load evenly, eliminating the need for thick padding.

- Trekking poles are stashed separately, one on each side. This keeps the pack neat but makes stowing poles or getting them out a bit fiddly.

VERDICT A very versatile pack which uses cutting-edge technology and is laden with useful features. The neat, narrow profile permits free movement of your arms in all directions, making this a genuine multi-sport rucksack that is an ideal ‘do-it-all’ solution.