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There’s no easier, cheaper or greener way to improve physical and mental health than getting out in nature, so this season the Ramblers is showcasing the wellbeing benefits of walking. Enjoy inspirational stories about the transformational impact of hitting the trail from members Anthony, Dee & Cat.

Of course, people can only reap these wonderful health benefits if they have places to venture out. Our own research and a recent BBC investigation highlight the problem of poor path provision – too many people lack local routes or find them inaccessible (like TV presenter Steve Brown encountering unnecessary barriers on his wheelchair rambles). Find out how the Ramblers is unlocking the outdoors for everyone, and why the next government must help.

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Elyssa Campbell Barr, Editor 

unlocking the outdoors

Unlocking the outdoors

Walking is the ultimate wellbeing fix: it’s free, green, and fantastic for physical and mental health. But our research shows that too many people face barriers to going for a walk, including poor-quality or blocked paths, few local routes and not enough information.

Anthony moel gyw

Walking transformed my wellbeing

Walking is man’s best medicine’, declared Greek philosopher Hippocrates around 2,400 years ago – and we’d have to agree! The impact on physical and mental health can be transformational, as these three members’ inspirational stories reveal.


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Our successes to date

Outcome 1

Creating green walking routes in Glasgow

The Magnificent 11 is an 11-mile circular walk which links seven green spaces giving residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy nature in the city.

Outcome 2

Building skills and confidence with the Out There Award

The Out There Award is helping 18-26-year-olds build the skills and confidence needed to fully enjoy the outdoors.

Outcome 3

Leading walks for people seeking asylum

Mole Valley Ramblers have been organising walks for people waiting for their asylum claims to be processed.

Outcome 4

Discovering the joy of walking with the Ramblers

Dawn joined the Ramblers after a friend gave her Ramblers gift membership as a present. She has always loved walking but initially, she had some preconceptions about the Ramblers and wasn’t sure if it was her.