Opening the Way: The Ramblers’ Strategic Ambition

We are delighted to share our refreshed strategy for 2024 and beyond which sets out our ambition for a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits of walking in nature. This strategy has been developed over a period of nearly two years with the involvement of many people, including members, volunteers, partners and other supporters. Our research has clearly shown that significant inequities exist when it comes to the opportunity to get outside in nature. This strategy sets out to address this imbalance by prioritising the needs of communities who have the least access and face the most barriers to walking outside in nature. We are looking forward to playing our part, along with the wider outdoors sector, in creating a healthier, more equitable and more inclusive society.  

Opening the Way

We are delighted to share the Ramblers’ ambitions for the future, where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of walking in nature. Read the strategy.

Successes to date


Creating green walking routes in Glasgow

The Magnificent 11 is an 11-mile circular walk which links seven green spaces giving residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy nature in the city.


Building skills and confidence with the Out There Award

The Out There Award is helping 18-26-year-olds build the skills and confidence needed to fully enjoy the outdoors.


Leading walks for people seeking asylum

Mole Valley Ramblers have been organising walks for people waiting for their asylum claims to be processed.


Discovering the joy of walking with the Ramblers

"The feeling after the walk is just amazing...talking about it, I could easily cry. It does so much for me and my mental health." Joy - Ramblers Wellbeing Walker.