Try the Out There Award

Are you aged 18-26 and keen to learn the skills to explore Scotland on foot?

”One of the best experiences of my life.” Emma

The Out There Award has been designed to kick-start your journey into the outdoors, while helping you meet people, boost your CV and build confidence along the way. It’s for everyone, regardless of your background, experience, location or budget.

It’s not a formal qualification and you’re not being assessed! It’s all about taking part, learning skills and having fun in the process. We make sure we provide a welcoming and fun atmosphere for participants. Most people don't know anyone when they turn up, so don't worry if you're signing up alone! 

The award is split over two non-consecutive days, with between four and eight participants per award scheme.

Day One focuses on outdoor skills, then on Day Two you will enjoy a group challenge walk, planned and led by you and your fellow participants. Each day is designed to break down the barriers that sadly stop many young adults from enjoying the outdoors.

Everyone who completes the award receives:

  • A full year of Ramblers membership
  • A Ramblers starter pack, including a Ramblers neck buff
  • An Out There Award certificate
  • Access to exclusive member training and away weekends
  • And 1,000 Young Scot Reward points

When you’ve completed the Award, we’ll help you meet up with your friendly local Young Walkers’ group, using your free Ramblers membership. We’ll link you to our great network of like-minded people, who lead amazing walks across Scotland.

“With this knowledge, along with the friends I made during this award, it has motivated me to be better prepared when exploring the incredible walks and sights Scotland has to offer.” Jenkins

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Here’s what to expect during the two days of your Out There Award...

Day one: outdoor skills

This is a fun chance to get hands on with maps and navigation in a friendly environment, while also getting to know your fellow Out There Award participants. We’ll cover the important skills needed to safely enjoy great days outdoors. It’s a practical day walking and exploring outdoors in whatever weather Scotland throws our way. 

We’ll cover topics including:

  • How to be a self-sufficient walker
  • How to safely plan a walk
  • Your access rights and responsibilities
  • Outdoor equipment and clothing
  • What food and drink to carry
  • Core introductory navigation skills for using maps (we don't cover compass skills)
  • Staying safe when you’re out and about

If you haven’t got all the gear have no fear. We can lend you anything you need to attend the award, so just get in touch when you sign up. 

Day two: group challenge walk

Using everything we learned on the skills day, your group will plan and then complete a suitable challenge walk. We will use a group chat to plan the walk after the skills day. The day is led by the group. 

By this stage you’ll have the confidence to plan your walk, navigate, work as a team and look out for each other and most importantly, you’ll decide when and where to have lunch! An instructor will be with you just in case you need a helping hand. 

Your onward journey

By the end of the award we hope you will have challenged yourself, made friends and learned new skills to help you keep walking.

Most importantly, we want you to feel confident and inspired to continue your journey #OutThere in Scotland.

To see more of what the award looks like follow our young adult development officer Sam Knight, who is @rambingknight on Instagram and Twitter - and delivers the skills and challenge days. 

If you want to find out more, why not pop along to one of our Introduction to the Out There Award Online Sessions

We’re also interested in running award schemes for existing groups and organisations.

If you attend, or work with, groups of 18 to 26-year-olds and fancy getting involved, please get in touch about arranging a free bespoke Out There Award. 

The award has been made possible thanks to funding from Active Scotland and players of People’s Postcode Lottery.