Renewable energy

As Ramblers we recognise the threat posed to our countryside by climate change, which could severely alter many of our cherished landscapes.

We support measures to reduce harmful emissions of carbon dioxide, including by increasing the amount of energy produced from a wide range of renewable sources.

Energy efficiency and conservation should be prioritised and there should be significant investment in micro-generation and new technologies that would have the least impact on the countryside, such as wave energy.

Renewable energy developments should be strategically planned and sensitively sited, with no over-concentration in any single area. Proper assessments must be carried out prior to development to ensure they do not damage precious landscapes, wildlife or historic places.

For large wind and solar developments sensitive areas such as National Parks should be avoided, with wind energy schemes concentrated offshore and solar developments targeted at unobtrusive locations such as the rooftops of large commercial buildings.

Where wind turbines are built onshore they should be located as far away from public rights of way and access land as possible, with every effort made to minimise the impact on walkers.

Local communities must play a greater role in determining how their energy needs are met. Where developments are proposed in their area they must be properly consulted at the earliest opportunity and the appeal process should be properly applied.

Government must increase its support for community energy schemes and developers should commit to removing all infrastructure once it has come to the end of its life.