In Scotland we’re fortunate to have world-renowned rights of public access to most land and inland water. Ramblers Scotland took a leading role in delivering Scotland’s access rights, which involved many years of campaigning by our members. We now work to uphold these rights.

Walks in a field

Scottish access rights

Walkers in Scotland enjoy world-class rights of public access, thanks to the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. Learn more here.


Camping and access rights

Scotland’s progressive rights of public access to land also include the right to camp away from campsites as long as it’s done responsibly.

Scottish agriculture and access

We see public access as a public good, delivering many outcomes to society related to health, wellbeing, a strong rural economy, connectivity, social cohesion, education and connecting people with the environment.

Coul Links

Golf and access

Access legislation in Scotland relating to golf courses.

Level crossings

Crossing railway lines in Scotland

Everything you need to know about your rights to cross rail lines in Scotland.

Forestry and access

Information about walking in Scotland's forests including access rights.