The Blue Book Extra

Welcome to the Blue Book Extra, an online resource for readers of Rights Of Way: A Guide to Law and Practice (commonly referred to as the 'Blue Book').

The fourth edition of the Blue Book was published on 31 May 2007 and throughout the text of the book it refer readers to the Blue Book Extra for additional material including publications and the full text of court judgments.

We've reorganised the Blue Book Extra so that all the additional material is contained in one of the files below which are available for downloading. We're intending to revise the cumulative supplement once a quarter and other files as and when necessary.

BBR01 - List of corrections  (86.3 KB)

Revised to 19 August 2013.

BBR02 cumulative supplement to the 4th edition

Revised to 30 June 2021.

BBR03 - List of Welsh provisions  (66.7 KB)

Revised to 20 May 2013.

BBR04 - Cases and publications in the 4th edition available online  (113.5 KB)

Revised to 20 May 2013.

BBR05 - Historical definitive map acts, regulations and guidance  (420.9 KB)

Revised to 31 July 2013.

BBR06 - Miscellaneous guidance from Defra etc  (1.4 MB)

Revised to 31 July 2013.

BBR07 - Forms for use in legal proceedings  (117.9 KB)

Revised to 31 July 2013.

BBR08 Miscellaneous other information  (671.6 KB)

Revised to 31 July 2013.

BBR09 - English coastal access text

Revised to 7 July 2021.

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