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Protect the places we walk


Walking is a simple pleasure that should be open to everyone, everywhere and is a right to be protected

We campaign across England, Scotland and Wales to open the way by removing the barriers to walking and we step up to protect the places we all love to wander. ​ 

Our walking rights and network of footpaths didn’t happen by accident. They’re the result of the Ramblers long history of campaigning since 1935. 

We’ve already taken great strides.  We fought to establish National Parks and National Trails. We won the freedom to roam across Scotland and millions of acres of the English and Welsh countryside.  We successfully campaigned for everyone to enjoy Britain’s entire coastline on foot.  ​ 

Still today we Ramblers are a bold bunch and we’ll do what it takes to protect and expand our rights to walk across Britain. 


Outdoors Unlocked 

Everyone should have the opportunity to walk in nature and enjoy its simple pleasures. Yet almost 21 million people in England do not have accessible green or blue space within 15 minutes’ walk of their home. Many others face physical or social barriers that stop them getting out and walking in nature.  

Now is the time for action. The Ramblers is calling on the next government to introduce a transformational new bill that breaks down the barriers to the outdoors. 

Let’s unlock the outdoors for all. 

How we'll unlock the outdoors

A group of people walking together down a path between trees

Expand the freedom to roam

Help us to expand the freedom to roam. It is one of the biggest things we can do to increase access to the outdoors for everyone.


Don’t Lose Your Way – Saving lost paths

We have searched England and Wales and found over 49,000 miles of paths that could be lost forever. Time is running out to save them for future generations. 

A group of people walking along a path in a local park with grass, trees and flowers

Green routes

We think every town and city should have a network of green routes so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of walking in nature.

Our GB campaigns

coul links

Saving Coul Links

We’re campaigning to save the internationally-protected dunes at Coul Links in the Scottish Highlands from a terrible golf development plan. The bid would harm the natural landscape for walkers and restrict access, with seven holes crossing the John o’ Groats Trail.

A group of seven young hikers following a narrow path across moorland

Scottish Paths Map

You can find paths across Scotland using our Scottish Paths Map, the best-ever map of the nation’s trails.

Our paths Our Future

Our paths Our Future

It is time to 'Put your foot down and make your mark' by pledging your support for our paths.