Membership – your questions answered

Answers to the most common questions about becoming a member of the Ramblers

By becoming a member of the Ramblers, you’ll be joining a vibrant community of walkers united by the joy of walking. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about membership of the Ramblers.


How do I join?

Simply select your membership type and complete the online form.  Alternatively, you can contact us.


Do you offer discounts on memberships?

As a charity, we don't tend to offer general discounts on membership. Your membership supports our work to remove barriers so everyone can enjoy walking in green spaces and to preserve and improve over well-loved paths, tracks and trails across Great Britain.  However, we do offer a concessionary rate to ensure everyone can enjoy the simple pleasures of walking.


Can we join as a family?

With an Individual or Joint membership, children under eighteen are welcome to join Ramblers group walks for free when accompanied by a parent, grandparent or guardian.


As a member of one group, can I walk with other groups?

Yes – when you join, you become a member of the whole charity, not just a specific group. In the first instance, you'll be either allocated to a group based on your postcode or if you join via our website you will have the choice to choose your group, be allocated to your closest group or not choose a group. You are always free to walk with any Ramblers group. Find a group near you.

Alternatively, you can contact us.


I’ve lost my membership card. What should I do?

If you need a replacement card, please contact us.

In the meantime, you can use your digital membership card on the Ramblers app.


How can I change from an individual member to a joint membership?

To tell us of a change that you would like to make to your membership, please contact us.


How can I change from a joint membership to an individual membership?

If you’d like to remove a joint member from your membership, please contact us.


How do I set up Direct Debit for my membership?

Setting up a Direct Debit helps reduce our administration costs. To get started, you just need your name, address and bank account details. You can become a member or renew your membership by Direct Debit online when it is due. If you would prefer to talk to someone first, then please contact us.


How do I change my Direct Debit bank account details?

To make a change to your Direct Debit, please contact us.


How do I change my group?

There are two ways to change your group. You can login to your account and update your profile.

You can also contact us.

When you change groups our group mailing lists are updated so that you’ll receive a walks programme from your new group.


Who do I tell about changes to my membership or details?

You can update your profile on your online account. Alternatively, you can contact us.


How long are the walks run by local groups?

All our walks are graded from easy to technical, so you won’t get caught out! We encourage our groups to offer a range of walks covering different lengths, terrains and paces. Use our walk finder to find the walk that’s right for you. 


How can I get an up-to-date walks programme from my group?

Use our walks finder to see details of walks by groups. You can use the filter to search by area and group.


What is the Ramblers policy on dogs on walks?

We know many of you enjoy walking with your four-legged friends, so we encourage our walking groups to welcome dogs. Of course, some routes aren’t ideal for dogs, like walks which go near farm animals, so your dog might have to sit that one out. Always check with your walk leader before bringing along your dog. Assistance dogs are welcome on all walks and where a group does not wish members to bring dogs on their walks, they will state ‘Assistance Dogs Only’


Can a carer/guide accompany me on a group walk?

If you need a carer/guide to accompany you on a group walk, they can attend free of charge. You can also let our supporter care team know if you have a regular guide/carer attending walks with you. We can set up a special free membership for them. We will need your name and membership number, and the carer/guide’s name, address, email address and preferred group (if they have one). We will then send out a new member pack for them so they can attend group walks with you.


Can I buy membership as a gift?

You can buy a gift membership online (you'll need to select the type of membership to gift first) and choose to whom the welcome pack is sent.  You can also include a personal message.


What is the benefit of life membership?

Life membership gives you all the benefits of annual membership, but for life.  One upfront payment takes away the hassle of renewing your membership each year.

Life membership will save you money in the long run and at the same time helps us plan for the future by committing funds to help us meet our charitable aims.

If you (and your joint member if applicable) are over 60, we'll further discount life membership to make it even better value for money. You can find more information about this on our concessionary membership page

To find out the cost of being a life member please look at our Become a member page.

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