Organising a Ramblers Walk to Remember with your group

Guidance on how to plan your walk if you are a Ramblers volunteer.

How to organise a Ramblers Walk to Remember with your Ramblers group

Anyone is welcome to organise or attend a Ramblers Walk to Remember, you don’t need to be a member of the Ramblers to take part. But organising a Ramblers Walk to Remember with your Ramblers group in memory of a fellow member would be a fantastic way for the group to celebrate their memory. Here’s some guidance on how to plan your walk. 

Inviting people to my walk

It’s up to you whether you invite just members of your Ramblers group to a private closed walk or whether you open it up publicly so that other friends or family can join.

Creating a new Walk to Remember that’s open to everyone

By adding your Walk to Remember to the Ramblers website the walk will be advertised on the Ramblers website and app, as part of your group or area programme.  This means it will be open to everyone.

Remember to write a clear description to let everyone know they are joining a Walk to Remember, and follow our normal guidance for group walks.  Have a chat with your Walk Programme Coordinator about the best way to upload and promote your Walk to Remember.

Promoting an existing group walk as a Walk to Remember

You can promote a walk in your existing programme as a Walk to Remember. Simply follow our step-by-step guidance on Assemble to edit your walk listing.

Have a chat with your Walk Programme Coordinator about the best way to upload and promote your Walk to Remember.

Creating a private closed Walk to Remember

If you’d like to limit your Walk to Remember to only be available to other members of your Ramblers group, this should be treated as a private walk. Private walks should not be added to the Ramblers website or included in your walks programme.

Letting people know about your Walk to Remember

If your Walk to Remember is open to everyone to join, you can share the details on social media and your website.

If your Walk to Remember is limited to members of your group, WhatsApp, email or word of mouth are good ways to share the information privately.  If you do share details on social media and your website, you need to be clear that it’s not a standard Ramblers group walk.

Fundraising for the Ramblers as a group

We would really love for you to fundraise for the Ramblers, as it supports our work in protecting the places we all love to walk.

You can each fundraise individually or you can fundraise together as a group.  If you would like to fundraise together you can set up a joint JustGiving fundraising page that each member of the group can use and share. One person will need to be the main point of contact for the Ramblers when we contact you. Visit the Ramblers Walk to Remember Just Giving page to get started.

Planning your walk

As with any Ramblers group walk, there are a few small things to remember when planning a Walk to Remember. Here are our three top tips to get you started.

1. Choose your date and plan your route

Tell us the date you would like to walk here. It's your walk your way, so plan any distance you like. If non-experienced walkers are joining you, you may want to make sure it's a comfortable distance for them, and perhaps plan a café stop en route.

2. Choose a start point

A start point with good transport links is perfect, and many established routes benefit from nearby parking too. A circular route makes planning easier, but if your preferred route is linear, going from A to B, be sure to think about the return leg.

3. Check facilities along the route 

What are your plans for food and drinks? It's worth checking your options in advance, especially opening times. You don't want to get caught out when it's your only chance to refuel! Consider comfort breaks too.

More inspiration and ideas

You can find more inspiration and ideas to help make your Walk to Remember special when you register for your walk.

Get in touch

If you would like more information on Ramblers Walk to Remember or fundraising in memory of a loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us at or on 020 3961 3232.