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Historically, the Ramblers have been key to achieving

  • the creation of National Parks and long-distance footpaths such as the Pennine Way
  • open access to over a million hectares of English and Welsh countryside and mountains
  • unhindered access to open countryside in Scotland
  • the creation of the Wales Coast Path. 


We continue to achieve so much together... 

  • We safeguarded 140,000 miles of public paths andopen land, ensuring more people can experience the joy of walking outdoors. 
  • We found over 49,000 miles of lost paths in England and Wales, which we’re working to save over the coming years 
  • We helped save the internationally protected dunes at Coul Links in Sutherland Scotland from damaging development in 2020. 

 For every £1 we receive, 84p is spent on protecting access to green spaces, and the paths, tracks and trails that lead us to them – and making sure everyone can enjoy the benefits of walking. 


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You can find out more about what we do and our finances in our annual report.

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