Code of conduct

We’ve developed a Code of Conduct for Ramblers members, volunteers, trustees and staff. The Code reminds us of our values, which are to be welcoming, positive, empowering, inclusive, ethical, democratic and environmentally responsible. It is important that everyone involved in the Ramblers is aware of these values and is guided by them at all times.

The Code also underlines the way we interact and work together. We want to ensure that the Ramblers is a pleasant and enjoyable organisation for everyone involved – especially for the many volunteers who give their free time to support our work.

The vast majority of people involved in the Ramblers do treat one another with respect at all times. In any organisation there will however be rare occasions when the behaviour of staff, trustees or volunteers will not meet expectations. In these cases the Code should be a useful tool in dealing with a difficult situation, particularly where a person’s behaviour is having a negative impact on others.

We all have the right to work in an environment where mutual respect prevails, but for volunteers this is especially so. If you feel you would like to make a complaint, please use our complaints procedure to do so.