Volunteering FAQs

Please find below answers to frequently asked questions by volunteers. If you have a question which isn't answered here please email volsupport@ramblers.org.uk.

As a volunteer do I get training to fulfil my role?

We offer a wide range of training for volunteers in a number of different roles. Training in on-going to suit volunteers with different levels of knowledge. If you’d like to attend a training course or discuss what a particular role involves please get in touch with us by calling 0207 339 8500 or email at volsupport@ramblers.org.uk. Details of the latest volunteer training events can also be found in our events feed on the Volunteer Zone landing page and on the Volunteer news page. 

Where can I find resources to support my role?

We produce a number of factsheets, handbooks and publications to support our volunteers. You can find these in our volunteer toolkits. If you can’t find the resource you’re looking for please use our Volunteer Zone feedback form to let us know or contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator on 0207 339 8500 or at volsupport@ramblers.org.uk.

Can I claim for travel and subsistence?

Our volunteers aren’t expected to be out of pocket for the work they undertake. Expenses are paid either by the Ramblers centrally, by your local Area or Group or sometimes by a Local Authority. If you’re unsure who is responsible for paying your expenses the best person to speak to is the person who coordinates your role or the Treasurer of your Area or Group. You can find out more about expenses in our Finance toolkit.

How do I know who to contact?

If you’re unsure who to contact about a question you’re always welcome to contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator on to 020 3961 3180 or at volsupport@ramblers.org.uk. If your question is about a specific area of volunteering work however then you can find out the best person to contact on our volunteer contacts page.

Can I receive any accreditation as a Ramblers volunteer?

We don’t currently offer any formal accreditation for voluntary roles, however, there are many qualifications that can be undertaken, in which an externally recognised award can be achieved. Areas and Groups often apply for funding to undertake training for path maintenance and walk leader training and if this is something you’d like to do then please get in touch with your local Area or Group.

To discuss a specific area of training you are more than welcome to contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator on 0207 339 8500 or at volsupport@ramblers.org.uk.

When is the next General Council?

Ramblers General Council takes place in March or April each year although the date varies slightly from year to year. You can find out dates and details for the next General Council in our About us section.

Do walk leaders have to undertake training before leading a walk?

Walking is one of the safest outdoor activities. It’s completely natural, doesn’t overly strain your body and doesn’t require sophisticated equipment. As such with a little consideration, planning and experience most people can lead a walk and there is no legal requirement for walk leaders to be trained, however it is still wise that people take precautions to protect walkers.

Insurance cover is one important way to do this, but the most effective way of running a safe walks programme is to follow basic good practice so that walks are organised in a responsible way. This includes things like undertaking a recce of the walk in advance and taking a register on the day. Support materials and helpful information for Ramblers walk leaders can be found in our Walk Leader good practice, Walk Leader training and Insurance toolkits.