Data and digital transformation


The data and digital transformation programme will, by 2021, transform the Ramblers. The work will enable us to fulfil our charitable objectives more efficiently and inspire more people to go walking.

The data & digital transformation programme aims to - 

  • Recruit new members and help people get the most from their membership 
    Through an improved Ramblers website & use of social media, a Ramblers members app and improved supporter communications. 
  • Support Ramblers volunteers 
    Through a new volunteer website (Assemble) where volunteers can access up to date news and guidance to support their roles. 
  • Inspire more people to get outdoors and walking 
    By improving the way Ramblers routes are created, supporting our Groups & Areas in promoting our led walks and making it easier for everyone to find and join a walk. 
  • Improve our approach to maintaining and protecting the path network   
    By improving Pathwatch to help Path teams, Footpath Co-ordinators and Local Authorities report and act on priority issues. 
  • Improve our approach to data management, security and reporting  
    By introducing a ‘supporter data warehouse’ to hold and protect our supporters’ data, Single Sign on System (SSO) and an Insight Hub to improve reporting. 

This is a collaborative programme – staff, volunteers and members working together to ensure new digital tools help deliver the Ramblers mission. 

We are also taking what is called an ‘agile’ approach to development which helps test things in the field, gather users feedback and then make further changes.   

Although this programme is centred on delivering technical capabilities, it is not solely focused on computers and technology. It is about empowering the Ramblers to attract new members, and give us smart, digital ways to fulfil our guardianship role with respect to paths and access.

This programme will lead to change in order to use the new capabilities. This may include training and putting in place different, and newer, processes.

The programme is taking an iterative, test and learn approach to developing the new capabilities. Each quarter we will be testing new capabilities in the field as it is very important that our volunteers have the ability to test and provide feedback. We will then take your feedback and develop an updated version two, which will be tested again and so on.

Digital products really never stop being improved, so there will be plenty of chances to trial and feed into requirements along the transformation journey.