Insight Hub

The Insight Hub is an intelligence resource for volunteers and staff. It allows us to graphically show the different data we have.  The information can be filtered to focus on particular areas, roles, walks or interactions. It’s a self serve tool, online at all times and up to date (mostly a 24 hour lag depending on the source data).

The Insight Hub is in the early stages so we are still developing the reports – known as dashboards.

At the moment we have four ‘Projects’ with four dashboards:

  1. Membership – Membership secretaries 
  2. Pathwatch  - Pathwatch
  3. Volunteer – Volunteer roles
  4. Walking – Led walk participation

Each project can contain several dashboards and more dashboards are in the pipeline for 2019.  We commit to a policy of continuous improvement for all our dashboards, and each dashboard has an owner responsible for its’ quality.

Transformation - our delivery approach

Cycle of tasks that build on findings of small group before next version and larger group

  • This programme is being delivered in an agile way
    • Sprints of work will produce early versions ‘get something live’
    • Then test, feedback, learn and iterate 
    • And produce next version
  • Things will be being delivered all the time, and tested with small groups, then larger groups, then larger groups and roll-out like that
  • There will be no ‘big bang’
  • Everyone will have the opportunity to be part of the test and learn 
  • The organisation commits to on-going maintenance and improvement


Screenshot of several membership report options

A specific dashboard has been created for membership secretaries designed to replace the monthly reports and support them in their role.

V0 was tested by area and group membership secretaries in September. V1 has been produced, revised according to the  feedback and is being rolled out to all membership secretaries before Christmas. There are 6 phases, but all membership secretaries should have access by the end of 2018.

In the pipeline is an overview Membership report which will be available to all volunteers. It will show the topline data and you will be able to filter by nation, area and group. This should also be ready before Christmas.


Screenshot of the dashboard

This dashboard takes data from the Pathwatch campaign mobile app and presents it so you can see and use it. It’s worth exploring the views and seeing the fascinating data that has been collected by volunteers, members and the public.

There are people currently using Pathwatch so features are still being added.

A new take on Pathwatch is being planned and will look at how to integrate certain data with Local Authorities and how members can help to tell us when an issue is fixed.  

More to follow in 2019 as the new policy team gets to grips with the complexity of workflow.

Screenshot of the dashboard


Screenshot of the dashboard

This is one of the most fascinating dashboards as it shows the depth and scope of volunteering across the Ramblers.

The information is taken from the data we have about volunteers in our main database. A ‘volunteer check in’ is running asking everyone who volunteers to check we have the right details.

The dashboard is integrated with My Profile data so if you make a change on the website you will see this reflected in the dashboard within three working days.

Check your details to see if they are right and how they compare to other groups.


Screenshot of the dashboard

This dashboard shows the data we have started to collect on led walks using the Walk Register app.

Over 20 areas are taking part, 189 walks, over 1,300 individuals walking with just under 200 non-members attending the walks.

All new cards issued to Ramblers members include a QR code which can be scanned by the app. To dispel some myths – it’s not a tracking chip.  We cannot map your location and have not turned into Big Brother.

The data in the QR is not sensitive and cannot be used by anyone but us to identify you. It does include you name, member number and another ID number.

The Walk Register app can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple store, search for Walk register. If you would like to know more please email

How do I get an account?

Please email with Insight Hub access in the subject line in the subject line and we will set you up on the system. We will then send you a confirmation with instructions on how to Sign up and a simple ‘How to’ user guide. 

Stop Press:

Thank you - we have been inundated with requests of interest! But we are slightly behind where we anticipated to be and have one system behind the scenes that isn't quite ready. Please continue to send in your requests of interest for accessing the Insight Hub but it will be a few more weeks before we can let you all have access.

Collection of dashboard reports