Walk Register app

The Ramblers’ Walk Register app has been created to make the walk registration process easier, as well as allowing walk leaders and groups to see the information gathered through the Insight Hub.

Downloading the app

The Walk Register app can now be downloaded for free from both the Google Play and Apple app stores. Please click on App Store icon on your phone to open the app store on your iPhone or Google play if you have an Android phone.

When visiting the stores, to search for the app please use the search function to look for ‘walkregister’ and download it to your device. If you have any difficulties, please email us at: trailblazers@ramblers.zendesk.com

If you have a previous version of the app on your device, please delete this before downloading this new version.

Screenshot of the app, asking for name and membership number

Using the app

The app has been designed to be intuitive and to make taking the walk register as easy as possible. We would recommend you login and give it a try, when testing please put Test as your surname so we can filter out this data.

When you login please press refresh – this will update the walks.

Not all members have cards with QR codes, these are being replaced as people renew. You can record a member or non-member manually.

If you are scanning the QR code is it better not to do this in direct sunlight as it makes it difficult to read.


You should be able to:

  • login and logout of to the app each time you use it
  • find areas and groups within the app
  • find walks under headings my group’s walks, my area’s walks and all walks, and under subheadings of today’s, tomorrow’s, future and past walks 
  • click on a walk, in the app, and find walk information (start location on map, name, date, start time, grade of walk, and length)
  • add a walker as a member, manually and save the data 
  • scan a QR code on a member’s new membership card (if they have one) and save this data
  • add a non-member’s details (first name, second name, email, postcode) and add whether or not they have given consent to be contacted, and then save the data 
  • cancel and delete walker information (delete a person by clicking ‘x’ next to person’s name on the walk information and submission screen) 
  • submit walker information when online (you cannot submit offline and should be reminded to submit once you have a signal)

Comments and suggestions

Your comments on the app (related to your experience using it) will help us with the app’s ongoing development.  Please send all feedback to trailblazers@ramblers.zendesk.com with Walk Register app in the subject line.

Questions you may get about the app

The main questions will probably be:

  1. Why use it - we need to understand who walks with us and who doesn’t walk with us so we can develop member benefits accordingly 
  2. Why use it – it is a way of identifying non-members who join on led walks so we can convert them to membership or support of some form
  3. Why use it – it will give participating groups a record of all the walks they run, the leaders, the times, dates, distances etc to help with future walk planning
  4. Data security - all personal identifiable data on the app is automatically destroyed within 48 hours – it is fully GDPR compliant
  5. Non-members email consent -  consent is sought for contact so that we can start the journey to convert them to members. If they do not agree we will not contact them
  6. Is it compulsory – no, members do not have to use it to take a register on a walk
  7. Do Walk Leaders have to take the register - no any member who has the app can take register and submit the data

You can also read the frequently asked questions for walkers and walk leaders.

Using the app is entirely voluntary. If the app doesn’t work please continue with your walk and let us know by emailing trailblazers@ramblers.zendesk.com