This award recognises a volunteer or group of volunteers who have changed something or gone about a challenge in a different way to help us reach more people or achieve our aims more effectively.

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David Smith

David is the Area Walks Day coordinator for Hertfordshire and North Middlesex Ramblers. The walks day, now in its fifth year brings walkers together - both members and non-members - and showcases the different walks that the Ramblers organises as well as offering an opportunity to meet other walkers from across the area.

Over the five years since David, and the team of volunteers who run the event, have been organising the day it has attracted an ever-larger number of participants. Members and non-members can come along and take part in a variety of walks that have been organised by Ramblers volunteers as well as share stories, ideas and have a lot of fun. The day finishes with a meal that all are welcome to join and provides a great chance for walkers from across the area to meet old friends and make new ones. The event is truly innovative and shows the strength of the Herefordshire and North Middlesex Area, and has ensured the Ramblers can continue to grow with many new walkers going on to join the Ramblers.

Mary Gough 

Mary has been chair of Bicester and Kidlington Ramblers in Oxfordshire since 2013. As soon as she started she set about revitalising the group by introducing new ideas and enticing more volunteers onto the group committee. An indication of just how much Mary has achieved can be seen in the events that she has introduced which are now nearly always oversubscribed. 

One of the first things that Mary did was set up a series of shorter walks, which latterly have started to have a social element attached to them. These have proved very popular with older members of the group who are not able to walk as far as they used to. This made Bicester and Kidlington trail blazers as this had not been done before in this way in Oxfordshire. Under Mary’s stewardship the group has also introduced an annual themed walk to London, two minibus outings, Cotswold outdoor store open evenings and cream tea walks on a local preserved railway. All these are oversubscribed and so more activities have to be put on!

However, it’s not just these walking activities that Mary has introduced. She has also started running walk leaders evenings as a chance for walk leaders to socialise and share ideas. 

There is no doubt that Mary has revitalised Bicester and Kidlington Ramblers but maybe the biggest indicator of the groups success since she has taken over is that the group has grown from 162 to 190 members which is an 18%increase.