Volunteer commendations and certificates

It’s easy to thank and celebrate a Ramblers volunteer. By recognising the work of Ramblers volunteers they will feel valued and are more likely to keep volunteering or be inspired to start.

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Our short guide explains how we recognise volunteers and highlights some fantastic local celebration events we've also published the templates for the commendations and certificates in the volunteer support toolkit

There are two ways to recognise a volunteer locally, through certificates and commendations. 

Certificates recognise people who have given their time knowledge and expertise on behalf of the Ramblers.  For example who have completed a long service or made a notable achievement. These are recognised with an A5 certificate signed by the Chief Executive. 

Commendations recognise local walking champions – those people that you believe have had a particularly significant impact on behalf of the Ramblers. These are A4 and signed by the Chair of the Ramblers. 

we've published the templates for the of both the A5 certificates and A4 commendations to see what you might expect. 

Certificates and commendations are produced 3 times a year, these are 31 January, 31 May and the 30 September. Once a year a number of the commendation recipients are shortlisted for our national volunteer awards.

The nomination process is really easy. Once you’ve read the guide just go to the nomination form and explain, in a few hundred words, the impact that the nominee has had.  There’s no limit on the number of certificates or commendations – so get nominating today!