First aid for Ramblers

First aid for Ramblers 

Around 60,000 Ramblers group walks take place every year – in every season, landscape and terrain. The majority of these walks are incident free, but sometimes things can go wrong. Someone may trip and fall or start to feel unwell, and in rare cases you may be faced with a serious emergency.

We recommend that you carry a first aid kit, and have a nominated ‘first aider’ on every walk. Thanks to support from the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, we’re now working with St John Ambulance, St Andrews and St John Cymru to provide first aid advice and training for Ramblers volunteers.

On these pages you can find tips, guidance and training opportunities to support you when faced with an emergency on a group walk – whether cut & grazes, or something more serious.

If you have questions, please contact the delivery team on 020 3961 3180 /

COVID-19 and First Aid – Advice for volunteers

St John Ambulance and the Resuscitation Council have produced guidance for first aiders during the coronavirus pandemic. Follow the links to find out more.

If you’re a Ramblers volunteer, we recommend including face masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser with your first aid supplies, to help keep yourself and others safe while providing first aid.

First aid advice

First aid advice

Find out more and refresh your skills with first aid guidance and tips.

First aid training

First aid training

Find out more about our first aid training courses – sign up or get in touch.

Do we need to have a first aider on every group walk?

It is best practice to have a nominated ‘first aider’ on every group walk.  This can be whoever is best placed to take on the role, and is not necessarily the walk leader.

What should we include in a first aid kit?

It’s best practice to carry a basic first aid kit on every group walk. Some groups invest in shared kits to pass between walk leaders, re-stocking when necessary.  The items you choose to carry will depend on the difficulty and type of walk you are leading, but a basic first aid kit may contain:

 Low adherent dressings / gauze swabs
 Triangular bandage(s)
 Wound dressings (various sizes)
 Woven bandage(s)
 Latex free plasters
 CPR disposable face shield
 Compeed / blister plasters
 Foil survival blanket
 Micropore tape
 Antiseptic wipes
 Nitrile or vinyl gloves
 Safety pins
 Burn dressing

How does first aid affect the insurance cover on a group walk?

If an individual on a walk requires first aid, any member of the group can provide assistance until qualified help arrives. There is no danger of compromising insurance cover when providing first aid as required. It’s better to do something rather than nothing at all. You can find out more in the Insurance Toolkit.

Do I need to report an incident?

Please complete the Incident Report Form after incidents involving injury, property damage, or a near miss. You can download an Incident Report Form from Assemble. The form should be completed by a Ramblers member as soon as possible, and sent to

If the incident is serious, please call the delivery team on 020 3961 3180 during office hours or 07854 848083 outside office hours.

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