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In order to measure the success of Ramblers volunteers in unblocking, saving, and newly-recording paths, we would like to hear of all your path successes from October 2010 onwards (earlier successes have already been collated and reported on).
The easiest way to let us know about Ramblers successes on the path network is using the form below.
It is important that we only count a path success once the outcome of any process is known. For example:

  • The path has been unblocked at the point that the practical work takes place, or the public-interest diversion is in place, and the path is walkable
  • The path has been officially 'saved' at the point that the extinguishment order is rejected, or prior to that, the pre-order consultation decides that the path is needed
  • The path has been newly-recorded at the point that the DMMO has been confirmed

Each path counts as one success - whether it is the clearance of some brambles, the erection of 20 waymarks, or a 10-year campaign to get a path added to the map. The successes will be categorised and weighted when we report on them.

If you have lots of previous path successes to tell us about, please get in touch via 

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Did you know our volunteers achieved 682 path successes in 2012?

Map of path successes

See what paths our volunteers have successfully unblocked, created and saved.