Volunteer toolkits A-Z

We’ve grouped our volunteer support materials into a series of ‘toolkits’ based on both volunteering activities and roles  - each toolkit is made up of downloadable resources and web pages. Each toolkit is listed below in alphabetical order.

Area and group web pages toolkit

Guidance for area and group local webpage editors and webmasters about editing and maintaining your pages on the main Ramblers website.

Area role descriptions

In this toolkit you'll be able to find all the area role descriptions.

Campaigns toolkit

Templates and tools to assist with Ramblers campaigns, for you and your group.

Festivals and Events toolkit

Finance toolkit

Resources for Area and Group Treasurers.

Flexigroup toolkit

Find all the information and resources you need to set up and run a flexigroup

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) toolkit

Governance toolkit

This toolkit is designed for Area officers to assist in their roles within committees.

Group Role Descriptions

In this toolkit you'll be able to find all the Group Role Descriptions.

Group walks and events manager

Resources to help areas and groups manage their walks programmes online and list walks on the Ramblers website.

Insurance toolkit

Ramblers insurance guidance, incident reporting and all related forms and contact details.

Marketing and publicity toolkit

Find all the information, resources and templates you need to publicise the Ramblers and your local group.

Media toolkit

Resources to help Ramblers volunteers who have contact with the Media.

Membership Secretary toolkit

Resources for Membership Secretaries including downloadable membership application forms.

New groups and group changes toolkit

Find all the guidance and information needed to set up, merge or close a Ramblers group, or to change a group name.

Next step Ramblers information for health walk volunteers

A toolkit for health walk volunteers who would like to make connections and signpost walkers to their local Ramblers group.

Non Area and Group toolkits

Some roles are not linked to an Area or Group. You can find these roles listed below.

Options for joining the Ramblers for former health walks and other walking groups

Information on running your walks as part of the Ramblers.

Path maintenance team toolkit

Our volunteer path teams play an important part in keeping the places we love to walk open. This toolkit has all the information that you might need to run and support one of our teams.

Protecting and expanding where we walk toolkit

This toolkit provides the resources for all volunteers who are involved in protecting and expanding the places that we love to walk.

Ramblers brand toolkit

Ramblers logos, horizons and brand guidelines to help volunteers produce attractive materials and publications.

Ramblers Routes toolkit

This toolkit contains resources for Ramblers Routes volunteers including route developers and route checkers.

Running an Area or Group toolkit

Resources and information to support volunteers involved in running Ramblers Areas and Areas.

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults toolkit

Policy and guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults including guidance for volunteers.

Scotland toolkit

Information and resources specifically for Ramblers volunteers in Scotland.

Scottish Council 2021 toolkit

All documents relating to our 2021 Scottish virtual AGM.

Social Media toolkit

Guidance on how to use social media to promote your group's activities and attract new members, with some examples of good practice.

Successful short walks and health walk links

A toolkit for Ramblers groups on what makes a successful 3-5 mile walk and how to make links with health walk schemes.

Volunteer support toolkit

The Ramblers depends on volunteers - the many people who, in different ways, give their time to us for no financial reward. We've created this toolkit to support the coordination of our volunteers and to make sure those who coordinate other volunteers have the right resources to undertake their role.

Volunteer role descriptions

A man and woman on a walk

Role descriptions for Ramblers volunteering roles including committee roles, walk leaders and footpath secretaries.

Wales toolkit

Information and resources specifically for Ramblers volunteers in Wales.

Walk Leader toolkit

Find resources and information about leading walks.

Walking with politicians toolkit

This toolkit provides advice and templates to help when you're talking to candidates standing for election.

Welsh Council toolkit 2016

This toolkit will contain all the relevant papers for the next Welsh Council meeting.

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