Campaigns toolkit

As a volunteer involved in protecting and expanding where people love to walk you will contribute to the development of opportunities and facilities for walking in your area. These resources are designed to support you to undertake this role, with templates and tools to assist with the Ramblers campaigns.

Local elections 2018 - Campaign toolkit

Between now and 3rd May we need your help to encourage as many council candidates as possible to sign our charter.

Walking charter social media images

This collection of images are for use on social media. You can use these along with the suggested social media tweets and posts found in the 'Local election campaign toolkit'.

Walking with a candidate

This guide gives you a quick overview of how to get the most out of a walk and talk with your councillors or councillor candidates.

Hustings guide

On 3 May 2018, many towns and cities in England will be electing new councillors, who will help to shape the places they represent. This is a great opportunity to put walking on the agenda. Many candidates will take part in local hustings, which are a great way to find out their views on particular issues. This guide explains how you can make the most out of attending a local hustings.

Getting a path added to the Definitive Map

The steps you need to take to get a path added to the Definitive Map

Britains best walking neighbourhood award

Britain's best walking neighbourhood nomination form

Downloading PDFs

Adobe Reader is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To access PDF files you need Adobe Reader installed. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it.

If you're having trouble downloading PDFs, you may want to right click on the 'Download' link and choose 'Save link as' and then open the document when it has been saved to your PC.

Updates to your inbox

As a volunteer you'll automatically get the volunteer e-newsletter. If you haven't given us your email address please let us know.