General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) toolkit


Data protection policy and guidance for membership secretaries

Detailed guidance on data protection and GDPR for membership secretaries

Data protection at the Ramblers

An overview of Data Protection policy and guidance for volunteers with some access to personal data

Quick guide to keeping data safe

A quick guide to data protection for all volunteers

GDPR: Volunteer FAQs

This page contains frequently asked questions and their answers on GDPR - for our volunteers.

GDPR: Walk Leader register

Ramblers walk registration form.

Media consent form

The Ramblers' media consent form; to be used to document individual's consent for their story, quote, case study or photo/video to be used to promote the Ramblers in publications, advertisements, exhibitions, the media or on the internet (including on social media).

Under 18s Media Consent Form

Media consent form for under 18s

GDPR: Publishing volunteer details - consent form

This form should be completed if a volunteer’s personal details are going to be published online or in print.

GDPR: Volunteer guidance (March 2019 updated)

This is an update of the original guidance that was issued – 21 pages. You may find that the other guides provide all the information you need, particularly “Data protection policy and guidance for membership secretaries”.

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