Insurance toolkit

Ramblers insurance covers official Ramblers activities only. This includes the individual volunteering activities listed in our latest COVID-19 guidance.

All other face-to-face and group activities remain suspended until further notice – including led group walks, social events and path maintenance work parties. Any activities which continue to be organised locally will not be considered Ramblers activities and will not be covered by the Ramblers insurance. For more details about which Ramblers activities are currently running, please see our guidance on COVID-19 and restarting Ramblers activities.

For further information and advice about insurance please email or contact our main office.

Your Guide to Ramblers Insurance

This guide explains how to make sure your group walks, social events or path maintenance activities are covered by the Ramblers insurance.

Insurance Certificate 2019-20

Insurance certificate covering the 12 months beginning 1st October 2019

Incident Report Form

It's essential that you report all incidents on Ramblers activities involving injury or property damage, or a near miss. Please use this form for that purpose.

Walk Leader Insurance Factsheet

This fact sheet explains what you need to do as a volunteer walk leader to make sure that your group walks are covered by the Ramblers insurance policy.

Recce Report Form  (82.5 KB)

Recce report form for leaders who wish to undertake a recce prior to leading a walk.

Path Maintenance Insurance Factsheet

This fact sheet explains what you need to do as a path maintenance volunteer or footpath warden to be covered by the Ramblers insurance.

Work party health and safety checklist

This health and safety form is provided for work party teams that are not required to complete a risk assessment by the local authority.

Working party sign off form

This form is for working party sign-off where a local authority does not have its own sign-off form

Downloading PDFs

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