Media toolkit

The Ramblers relies on media volunteers across the country to help promote the Ramblers campaigns and events and spread the message of why walking is wonderful.

If you are already a media or publicity volunteer for the Ramblers the below resources will help you in your role. There is information on how to write a perfect press release, top tips for undertaking interviews and ideas on how you can use the Ramblers President to gain extra publicity for your work.

If you would like some further volunteer support, or to put yourself forward as a Ramblers media volunteer, please contact

How to write a press release  (47.2 KB)

Find out how to write the perfect press release.

Media consent form

The Ramblers' media consent form; to be used to document individual's consent for their story, quote, case study or photo/video to be used to promote the Ramblers in publications, advertisements, exhibitions, the media or on the internet (including on social media).

Top tips for interviews  (49.7 KB)

Download these top tips to help you prepare for media interviews.

Chief Executive Media Pack for volunteers

Find out how to make the most of a visit from the Ramblers chief executive and gain extra publicity for your work.

President Media Pack for volunteers  (145.3 KB)

Find out how to make the most of a visit from the Ramblers President and gain extra publicity for your work.

Area Publicity Officer role description  (48.8 KB)

This is a role description for an Area Publicity Officer

Group Publicity Officer role description  (106.5 KB)

This is a role description for a Group Officer

Downloading PDFs

Adobe Reader is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To access PDF files you need Adobe Reader installed. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it.

If you're having trouble downloading PDFs, you may want to right click on the 'Download' link and choose 'Save link as' and then open the document when it has been saved to your PC.

Updates to your inbox

As a volunteer you'll automatically get the volunteer e-newsletter. If you haven't given us your email address please let us know.