Next step Ramblers? A toolkit for health walk volunteers

Information for health walks and community walks.

The Ramblers helps everyone, everywhere go walking. That includes making it easier for everyone to find walks that suit them at every stage of their walking journey. That might be a short walk in the local park or a challenging hike to an isolated hilltop.

Some people who discover walking through short health walks or community walks will want to go on to something more challenging. People can also move the other way, with Ramblers members who were once very fit and active looking for less strenuous options due to age or illness.

Helping you make links between your health walks or community walks and Ramblers groups is part of this, making it easier for walkers to choose from a range of different walks.

Next step: Ramblers?

How to find a walk that’s right for your walkers

“My friend was always trying to get me to go along to her walk and I thought ‘oh dear, not the Ramblers’, you know, needing boots and marching up mountains and things, but then I tried it and they are not like that at all, they are very friendly, and this walk is 4 miles, that’s right for me. I walk every week now.”

Sheila, Cardiff Central Strollers.

Next steps:

  • Find out more about Ramblers and get ideas on how to make links with our ‘Walking together’ guide. See below to download.
  • Find out more about our work in the 'get involved' section of our website
  • Find details of your local ramblers group and see if they offer suitable walks for health walkers trying a new challenge.
  • Everyone can join three Ramblers walks for free, so why not give us a try? Find a local Ramblers walk on our website.
  • Take a look at our discount leaflets and other downloadable resources, just scroll down. 

Thanks for your interest. Together we can help everyone, everywhere enjoy walking, and go from ‘the sofa to the summit’.

More information

  • In England and Wales: email us, or call and ask to speak to the delivery team. Tel: 020 7339 8500 or email
  • In Scotland: contact a member of the Ramblers Scotland team. Tel. 0131 472 7009 or email: 0131 472 7009 or email:


Walking together

A guide for Health walk volunteers on making links with Ramblers groups and signposting walkers who are looking for a new challenge.

How to find your nearest Ramblers group

A guide to searching the Ramblers website to find your nearest Ramblers group.

How to print a Programme of short walks from the Ramblers website  (277.6 KB)

Print a personalised programme of short walks, great for encouraging health walkers to find and try the right Ramblers walk for them.

Health walk discussion cards

What next steps would suit your walk or scheme best? Use these cards to start a discussion at a walk or meeting.

Health walk joiners leaflet 2017

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