Protecting and expanding where we walk toolkit

As a volunteer involved in protecting and expanding where people love to walk you will contribute to the development of opportunities and facilities for walking in your Area by working to protect and enhance the local rights of way network, Access land or countryside protection. These pages are designed to support you to undertake this role.

We provide a number of resources for those undertaking the role of Footpath Secretary, Access Officers, Countryside and Walking Environment Officers as well as those who undertake Practical Path Work. If you can’t find the resource that you’re looking for or would like to find out about the training that we can provide please go to the volunteer contact page for further help.

The list below outlines the various resources that are available to download or order.

Paving the Way promotion toolkit for groups

This toolkit tells you everything you need to know about promoting our Paving the Way urban campaign, and how you and your group can get involved.

Paving the Way campaign social media images

This selection of images accompanies our Paving the way campaign toolkit. These images are for use on social media. The download size is 13.8MB

Advice note: Shared use of footpaths with cyclists (England)

This advice note is designed to assist Ramblers volunteers in their evaluation of proposals from highway authorities, and other bodies, to create shared use routes for walkers and cyclists.

Zip wire proposals (January 2018)

Our statement on the Thirlmere Activity Hub zip line proposal, available as a downloadable PDF.

Footpath Volunteer update

An update (March 2016) for volunteers and supporters working to protect our rights of way network. Features include: the Deregulation Act, the latest on rights of way, level crossings, cattle and other updates.

Our strategy for paths access and green space

After wide consultation, this strategy for Paths, Access and Urban Green Space was approved by the Trustees in November. We will be introducing this broadly across the organisation in 2016.

Path Order feedback form

Help us gain a better understanding of the work Ramblers volunteers do to improve the rights of way network by completing our Path Order feedback form.

Resources request form

Let us know what resources you need to carry out your role.

Submit a path success form

If your team have achieved a path success, make sure you tell us about it, so we can add to our path success map.

Area Access Role Description  (271.6 KB)

This role description is aimed at those in the role of Area Access Officer and outlines types of activities that are involved in the role.

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