Social Media toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help volunteers use social media to promote campaigning or walking activities and attract new members. A small caveat - social media changes almost daily. These guidance notes will never be able to hold the most up-to-date information on setting up social media accounts, however the basic ideas and tips will hold true.

We hope you find the toolkit useful!

Introduction to Social Media  (35.3 KB)

An introduction to the basics of using social media, including definitions, how to use it and why it's important for Ramblers groups.

Top 10 Tips on Social PDF  (206.9 KB)

Top 10 tips for using social media effectively - no matter how new or experienced you are.

Effective use of social media by local groups  (1.4 MB)

Examples of local groups who are using social media effectively, to give you inspiration. Includes groups who are raising awareness of the work of the Ramblers, recruiting new members, or advertising their group walk programmes.

Moderating Social Media  (40.3 KB)

Guidance to volunteers who manage social media; i.e. how to engage with users and deal with negative or abusive comments.

Facebook Guidance  (223 KB)

These notes are intended to help groups use Facebook. They have been compiled, with thanks, by Dave Pannell, who volunteers with West Riding Area of Yorkshire Ramblers.

Meetup Guidance  (35.7 KB)

These notes are intended to help groups get started with Meetup. They have been compiled, with thanks, by Alex Mannings who volunteers with Inner London Ramblers.

Twitter Guidance  (46.6 KB)

Guidance notes to help groups use twitter.

Twitter hashtags  (188.1 KB)

What are hashtags on twitter and how should they be used? Some top tips.

Choosing a twitter hashtag  (466.6 KB)

What to consider when choosing a hashtag.

YouTube Guidance  (89.4 KB)

Some tips and advice on how to get started on YouTube.

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