Successful short walks and health walk links

The Ramblers helps everyone, everywhere go walking.

That includes making it easier for everyone to find a walk that suits them at every stage of their walking journey.

Whats in this toolkit?

Downloadable guides with tried and tested suggestions from other Ramblers groups. We suggest starting with our first two guides. 

  • Successful short walks’ and ‘Making links with health walk schemes’ .

'How to' guides:

  • 'How to find your local health walk' and 'How to print a programme of short walks from the Ramblers website'.

Downloadable resources to help start a discussion or make a practical plan. These can be used as and when needed. Don't feel you have to read everything at once.

  • 'Discussion cards, 'From sofa to summit - walk definitions'  and 'What sort of walk' activity.
  • ‘Health walker joining leaflet’ – a PDF version of a special membership leaflet for health walkers looking to join Ramblers - with a 30% discount on annual membership during your first year and details of a £10 voucher from our Official Recommended Outdoor Retailer, Cotswold Outdoor. Printed copies of the discount leaflets are available to order by contacting the relevant staff at the Ramblers, details below.

These toolkits are not about Ramblers running very short health walks.

The 3-5 mile walks described in our guides fill the gap between a health walk and a longer Ramblers walk. You can find out more about the difference by reading the guides in this toolkit.

More information:



'What sort of walks?' activity

What are the similarities and differences between a health walk and a Ramblers short 3-5 mile walk? Start the discussion with group activity.

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