Volunteer support toolkit

Our approach to volunteering

The Ramblers depends on many volunteers - the many people who, in different ways, give their time, skills and knowledge to us for no financial reward. This document sets out our approach to volunteering and how we plan to develop volunteering opportunities and look after our volunteers.

Ramblers volunteer welcome booklet

The Ramblers depends on volunteers - the many people who, in many different ways, give their time, energy and knowledge to us for no financial reward. This welcome booklet outlines has all the basic information that you need to make sure your volunteering is enjoyable and productive.

Induction and training of volunteers  (123.1 KB)

This factsheet offers guidence to those involved in the induction and training or new volunteers as well as how to develop the skills of those already volunteering.

Changes to volunteer officers form  (58 KB)

Complete this form to tell us about current/new and retired volunteer officers in your Area or Group following your AGM.

Encouraging volunteering  (53.8 KB)

This factsheet offers advice on encouraging volunteering and recruiting new volunteers.

How we celebrate and recognise volunteers  (754.1 KB)

Volunteers are critical to the work we do. We've created this short guide to help you recognise and celebrate the impact that they have.

Comendations and certificates

Certificates and commendations are produced 3 times a year in June, September and February. Once a year a number of the commendation recipients are shortlisted for our national volunteer awards.

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