Wales Training

Map Reading 

We have recently been working to develop a new all Wales training programme. All courses are open to Ramblers members and volunteers and we even have some that are suitable for non-members.

The current programme offers the following courses:

  • 1:1 Communications drop in sessions (member / volunteer only)
  • Basic Public Rights of Way Training
  • Basic Map Reading Skills
  • Navigation Skills – level 2 
  • Navigation Skills – level 3 
  • Leading Family Walks
  • Leading a practical volunteer group

The following are also available via Ramblers GB:

  • First Aid Training (member / volunteer only) 
  • Leading Group Walks – The Essentials 

More topics to be added soon.  

To find and sign up to the nearest course to you visit our Eventbrite page. To find and register for any Ramblers GB courses visit their Eventbrite page.

For current members of Ramblers and volunteers, the training sessions are free.  If you are not a current member of Ramblers, the Welsh sessions will normally cost £40 per person.

If you would like to attend but have further questions or have any other suggestions for training sessions, please contact us.