Walk leadership in Scotland

Since 2017, our Scottish Walk Leadership Project has been helping to recognise and build upon the talents of our wonderful walk leader volunteers.

Thanks to funding from Paths for All, the project is boosting the hands-on training we offer to our 1,300 walk leaders, which in turn helps groups run more diverse and attractive walks programmes.

What does the project offer?

There is a wide range of ways for new, experienced and potential walk leaders to improve their skills via the project. Our free courses focus on Walk Leadership, First Aid, Navigation and Mentoring. Finally, we can help our walk leaders achieve the Ramblers Walk Leadership Pathway in recognition of their learning journey.

We’ve a rolling programme of courses across Scotland for any Ramblers who want to volunteer and get involved.

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Please note all our current training and events are on hold owing to the impact of Covid-19. Find out more here and read a blog by project officer Ruth Bowen about the impact of the pandemic. 

The Walk Leadership Pathway

The Pathway is a walk leadership quality mark, which recognises individuals as effective volunteer walk leaders.

Our volunteer walk leaders can achieve this through a combination of training, learning and support, underpinned by a volunteer network of peer mentors at group level.

Walk Leadership Training
We are very proud of the fact that since the start of the project in 2017, a quarter of our 1300 walk leaders in Scotland have undertaken Walk Leadership training.

The Walk Leadership training consists of two days of training, scheduled 6 months apart: Walk Leadership Essentials and Next Steps course.

The Walk Leadership Essentials day covers exactly that, everything a walk leader needs to know to organise and lead quality and safe walks.

The Next Steps course brings participants back together to reflect on their learning from day one, share their experience of walk leading and achieve the Walk Leadership Pathway.


We have a network of over 50 trained volunteer mentors.

Mentors complement the existing informal buddying that takes place within many Ramblers groups, bringing with them the skills and learning to coach and provide guidance and support to newly trained walk leaders.

For more information about the project contact Ruth Bowen, project officer, email walkleadership@ramblers.org.uk or call on 0131 357 5850.