Our paths are a gateway to the great outdoors, enabling us all to experience the joy of walking.

Read about our world-renowned path network and how we go about protecting and improving routes for you to continue enjoying the many benefit of walking.

A mother and daughter walking on a flat concrete path with large trees in the background

What are paths worth and who's missing out?

Our path network is a national treasure. It’s our gateway to the outdoors. Spreading out from towns, cities and villages, Britain’s paths connect us to one another, to nature and have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

Problems on public paths

Problems on public paths

We’re committed to removing barriers to help everyone get out walking. Learn how to deal with any problems you encounter on your walk.

Four volunteers repairing a path in the wet weather.

Protecting and improving paths

We remove barriers so everyone can enjoy walking in green spaces and we protect paths, tracks and trails across England, Scotland, and Wales.

A closed gate with a waymarker on it, among green foliage

Dealing with problems on public paths

The Ramblers guide to reporting problems on public rights of way in England and Wales. Who is responsible, how to contact them and what to expect.

Rights of Way in England and Wales

Rights of Way in England and Wales

All the guidance you need about public rights of way in England and Wales includingwhere you can walk and how to stay safe.

A treelined wide path

Path network

Our path network is world-renowned, covering paths, tracks and trails for everyone to enjoy. Discover all the types of paths that exist and where you can walk.