Redundant stile

Report a path or access problem

Can’t walk where your map says you should be able to walk? Report a footpath or access problem and we can help you resolve the problem.

Compass in hand


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Unfinished path sign

Paths and access

Get advice on where you're free to walk - from footpaths to hills, coast and woodlands.

Path maintenance

Improve the path network

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first aid kit


How to keep safe and tips for dealing with different situations that you may encounter when out and about walking.

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Woman in walking gear

Walking gear

Footpath sign

Rights of way law in England and Wales

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Medical issues

Walking with a disability or health issue

Walking is an excellent form of exercise which can keep you fit and active and improve your mental health. Walking can also help you recover from illness as well as prevent it.

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Young people walk down a street

Facts and stats about walking

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Hotel room

Find walking accommodation

Walkers are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation in Britain with a wide network of walker-friendly places to stay including B&Bs, guesthouses, self-catering properties, hostels, bunkhouses, camping barns, bothies and camping and caravan sites.