Read our guidance on how to be prepared for all situations.

While out walking, it’s important to always stay safe. By being preparing for different situations, you’ll be a more assured walker. 

Each walk is different, so the more knowledge you have, the better prepared you’ll feel. 


How to use level crossings safely

Across England, Scotland, and Wales there are nearly 6,000 level crossings. These can be intimidating to many. This page will help you to understand the different types of level crossings.

A woman standing upon a hill, looking out at a snowy view of hills

Hillwalking in winter

Outdoor instructor Lucy Wallace explains how to make your winter hillwalking adventures safe and enjoyable.

An area of sand dune leading to a wide flat beach then the sea

Walking on military land

Some military land is open to the public when it is not being used for training. It’s important to know how to walk safely when exploring military land.

walking smiling into the camera on a walk with his beautiful dog at the top of a hill

How to enjoy great dog walks responsibly

Here are some tips to help you enjoy brilliant dog walks whilst also being a responsible dog walker. 

Hands picking up first aid travel kit bag for emergency on white table.

A walking first aid kit – what do I need to bring?

By equipping yourself with a few key first aid items you’ll be able to quickly treat any minor mishaps that occur when you are out walking.

four walkers and a baby in the rain

7 top tips to stay safe in a thunderstorm

Thunder and lightning can happen at any time of the year in Great Britain. So it’s good to know what to do if you encounter a thunderstorm whilst out walking.

Three inquisitive cows

How to walk through a field of animals

A field of cows can be an intimidating sight. Find out how to stay safe when walking near cattle and other animals.

A walker looks out on green fields from a rocky outcrop in front of a blue sky and white clouds

Top tips for mountain and hill walking

Top tips on the skills, equipment and abilities that you need to enjoy safe walks in Britain’s hills and mountains.

Four people walking along a grassy path above a cliff

Summer walking – 5 ways to stay safe in the heat

We love walking in the summer weather. But it’s important to protect ourselves from the sun. Read our 5 top tips for staying safe in the summer heat.

three walkers rambling through a forest path wearing jackets and backpacks

7 things walkers should know about ticks

Getting bitten by a tick is something best avoided, if at all possible, especially given the risk of Lyme disease. So here’s our guide to what you need to know about ticks.

the sole of a foot on the beach

5 simple tips to avoid blisters when walking

Look after your feet and void the annoyance and pain of blisters when walking by following our 5 simple tips.

A group of people walking through trees

Coronavirus advice

Our advice to ensure that you stay safe when out walking, whether alone, with friends and family or as part of a Ramblers organised walking group.