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We've put together lots of advice for walkers from how to get started for people new to walking and practical tips on safety and walking gear to how walking can keep you healthy and information on maps and how to navigate. We've also got a whole category dedicated to your legal rights to walk in Britain.

We've also got detailed advice from knowledgeable experts on everything from the latest gear to rights of way and access issues. After reading all this advice we hope you'll feel ready, able and inspired to get outside and go for a walk!

Advice for walkers

  • Equipment

    What to wear and what to take with you when you go walking and tips on keeping your kit in good condition.

  • Getting going

    We look after and represent the interests of all walkers in Britain, from someone taking their first steps to people who walk regularly and great distances.

  • Your right to walk

    Advice on your legal right to walk on public rights of way and open access land in England and Wales and access rights in Scotland, as well as helpful guidance when out walking in Britain and what to do if you come across a problem.

  • Walking and your health

    Walking is an excellent form of exercise which can keep you fit and active and improve your mental health. Walking can also help you recover from illness as well as prevent it.

  • Maps, guides and navigation

    Tips from our local groups on their favourite walks, advice on map reading and navigation and how to borrow maps from our map library.

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The expert view

  • Ask the experts

    Whether you’ve got a question on gear, gadgets, hiking or health our experts are here to help.

  • Rights of way and access issues

    Detailed advice on how to get paths properly maintained, how to get obstructions removed, how to claim an unrecorded right of way and more.

  • The Blue Book Extra

    The Blue Book Extra is an online resource for readers of Rights Of Way: A Guide to Law and Practice (commonly referred to as the 'Blue Book'). Get access to additional material mentioned in the Blue Book.

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Long distance walking

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