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Group walking

Every week Ramblers volunteers organise hundreds of group walks all over Britain, ranging from short local strolls to bracing hillside hikes. Most walks are designed for Ramblers members, but non-members are welcome to a try out a few walks for free before joining. Walks which are part of our national walking festivals are also free to non-members.

Details of most of our walks are listed online in our Group Walks Finder where you can search by location or postcode using our text-based search or interactive map.

You can refine your search by adding extra criteria such as the date(s) you’re looking to go walking, your ability level, the day of the week walks take place (e.g. just Sundays), the desired distance walks cover and which group’s walks you want to join.

You can also choose to show only:

  • Shorter walks (Walk4Life or Active Nation walks of 8km/5 miles or less)
  • Car-free walks
  • Walks suitable for people with children
  • Dog-friendly walks
  • Walks suitable for buggies and wheelchairs
  • Walks run by 20s-30s groups
  • Walks which are part of Ramblers national walking festivals

Many Ramblers groups also produce printed programmes and upload details of their walks on their websites so if you can’t find a walk near you online, it’s worth getting in touch with the local group in the destination you plan on walking to see if there are any further walks on offer.

If you’re a Ramblers led walks volunteer and would like to have your walks listed online, visit the Group Walks Finder toolkit in the Volunteer Zone for further details.

Looking for health walks?

As the national centre for Walking for Health, we also support local health walks schemes across England. To find a health walk near you please visit

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