Walk Leadership

Leading Group Walks

At the Ramblers we're passionate about walking and helping everyone enjoy the benefits it brings. Group walks, led by a walk leader, are a fantastic way to experience the outdoors.  

Here, new walk leaders will find the guidance and resources needed to get started and build the confidence to lead their first walk, while existing walk leaders will find inspiration and advice to start leading more varied and challenging walks. 

Whether you are a walk leader for Ramblers, Ramblers Wellbeing Walks, one of our affiliated groups or an entirely different walking group, we’re here to help you share your love of walking with others.

The essentials

A walk leader smiling as two walkers pass her.

Getting started as a walk leader

Find out what’s involved in leading group walks and how to get started.

Walkers talking on a wide path with overhanging trees

Resources for walk leaders

The Ramblers approach to leading group walks – handbook, templates and guidance for walk leaders.

A group walking on a wide, treelined path.

Walk leadership online training

Grow your skills and confidence in leading group walks.

Inspiration and information

A group of walkers on a grassy track.

How your group can reach new walkers

Ideas and tips for running walks to reach new walkers.

Two walkers having a conversation whilst drinking out of flasks.

Writing a walk description

Tips on how to write an interesting and informative listing to promote your walk.

Two female walkers with backpacks on, smiling into the camera.

Walk leadership training opportunities in Scotland

Find out more about the training and support for walk leaders in Scotland.

A young group of walkers making scared faces whilst pointing to a bear statue in the bckground.

First aid on group walks

How to make sure you’re ready for the unexpected when you’re leading a group walk.

A group of people walking along a path among trees

What to expect when you join a Ramblers group walk

A Ramblers group walk is a great way to get out exploring. Here’s what to expect when you join us.

A group of young walkers on a country path

Managing group size

Tips for managing your group to lead safe, enjoyable and welcoming walks.

A beginner's guide to navigation

A beginner's guide to navigation

Embrace the spirit of adventure with our easy-to-follow video series teaching you everything you need to know about finding your way in the outdoors.


Recommended kit for leading group walks

The extra kit we suggest taking along when you’re leading a walk.

Understanding access rights

A group of people walking across and open field of wildflowers

Where you can walk in England and Wales

Helping you understand your rights, where you’re allowed to walk, and how to find new places to explore.

A group of six Ramblers walking along a narrow track across moorland

A simple guide to Scottish access rights

How to enjoy Scotland’s world-class access rights, while following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

A tranquil lake surrounded by green hills with mountains in the distance

The Countryside Code

The Countryside Code is your essential guide to enjoying walking in parks and by waterways, at the coast and the countryside in England and Wales.


three walkers taking a break reading a map on a phone

Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns about walk leadership, please do get in touch.