We have until January 2026 to save our historic rights of way.


Well over 140,000 miles of public paths criss-cross England and Wales. This network has evolved over centuries with many paths dating back to medieval times - or earlier! These paths link villages, hamlets, roads and towns – they describe how generations before us travelled to the pub, field or shops and reflect the changing patterns of human interaction with the landscape.

To this day, millions of people across our towns, cities and countryside, use this fantastic network. However, miles and miles of our public paths are unrecorded and if they are not put on the map by 1 January 2026, they will be lost for ever.

Download our guide below and get started on the hunt for lost rights of way in your area

In February 2020, we will be launching an online platform where you will be able to look at old maps, and highlight lost rights of way. This is a key step towards saving these paths by 2026.

For more information please contact DLYW@ramblers.org.uk

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