Bob Fraser

An older man walking outdoors among plants

Bob Fraser is a Ramblers footpath secretary from Cornwall who has been searching for lost paths, and applying for them to be added to the map, for the past six years.

“I’ve been a keen walker all my life and I started investigating and making applications for lost paths 6 years ago. Most of my applications have been for paths I have used from time to time and would like to continue to do so, including one which I have used occasionally since I was 8 years old. Some unrecorded paths are blocked and no longer useable. Some of the applications have been made as a result of the delight at discovering while out walking an unrecorded path that I had not been aware of.

After a public inquiry, a government Inspector recently reported that he believed that my first application path should be added to the map - it’s a great feeling to know that it will now be there for generations to come.”Last year, Bob was joined by the New Yorker for a walk through the Cornwall countryside where he was able to highlight the work that he has been doing over the years. Read Bob's story

Bob is one of a number of volunteers who have been working away to add lost paths to the definitive map, but given the size of the task and the looming deadline, we need thousands more people across the country to get involved.

Join the movement to help save these lost paths before it's too late.