5 simple tips to avoid blisters when walking

How to keep your feet happy and blister-free

Getting blisters on your feet can ruin what would otherwise be a brilliant walk.  Follow our 5 simple tips to keep your feet happy and blister-free. 


How to avoid blisters when walking 


1. Wear comfortable, good-fitting, worn-in boots or shoes  

The more you walk in your boots the more your skin will become accustomed to them and harden. Before buying new footwear, have a read of our walking boots Buyer’s Guide.  This will help you choose the right boots for you and your feet.   Our Best Buys guides to the best shoes for all day walking and to the best lightweight walking shoes are also worth a read. 


2. Wear good walking socks in the right size  

We recommend wearing socks specifically designed for walking, rather than every day, leisure or sports socks.  Wearing two pairs of socks can help prevent rubbing and blisters. 


3.  Stay alert 

Act as soon as you feel any discomfort, as blisters can form very quickly.  As soon as you feel even a hint of discomfort make sure to immediately remove anything from your socks or boots which causes irritation. 


4. Take a break 

When you stop for a rest, remove your boots and socks.  This will give your feet a chance to dry off and cool down, which helps prevent blisters.  Check your feet carefully for any sign of rubbing and tenderness.   


5.  Treat your blister 

Always carry plasters in your rucksack.  The best options are special blister plasters which create a second skin over the blister. This helps provide cushioning to lessen the pain of the blister and helps it heal more quickly.  

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