How to know if a Ramblers walk is right for you

Ramblers volunteers organise up to 50,000 groups walks a year so there are bound to be walks that are suitable for you.  All Ramblers group walks are listed on our website.  The walk details will include the meeting time, the start time and estimated finish time as well as an overview of the route. 

How easy is a walk? 

Each walk listing will include a grading for difficulty.  Here’s how to tell if a walk grading is right for you: 


Easy Access 

These walks use easy access paths and are suitable for everyone, including people with wheelchairs and pushchairs.  You don’t need walking boots, comfortable shoes or trainers will be suitable. It’s possible wheelchair users may need some assistance on some sections so please contact the walk leader to discuss if you are a wheelchair user. 



These walks are suitable for anyone who has some level of fitness and who doesn’t have a mobility difficulty or health concerns. The walks are generally suitable for pushchairs but they may need to be lifted over occasional obstructions. You don’t need walking boots, comfortable shoes or trainers will be suitable.  


If you have at least a little bit of experience of walking in the countryside and you have a reasonable level of fitness, these walks will be suitable for you.  The walks may include unsurfaced rural paths and we recommend you wear walking boots and bring warm, waterproof clothing as appropriate for the season. 


These walks may include some steep paths and open country walking.  They will be at a brisk pace so you will need a good level of fitness and experience of walking in the countryside. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential. 



These walks will be at a brisk pace and may include hills and rough terrain.  They are recommended only for experienced country walkers with an above average level of fitness. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential. If you are new to walking with the group, please contact the walk leader in advance to check the walk is suitable for you. 


These walks are suitable for experienced and very fit walkers with additional technical skills such as scrambling and use of ice axes or crampons. All participants should contact the walk leader in advance for further details. 


Planning for a great walk 

Don’t be afraid to ask

The walk difficulty and description will only ever give you a general guide to the walk.  If you have any questions about the walk don’t hesitate to contact the walk leader or the organising group in advance.  


Plan for the weather

Rain, snow, scorching heat… the British weather is reliably unpredictable!  Always bear in mind that the weather can have a big impact on the walk difficulty. 


Keeping everyone safe

We want anyone attending a Ramblers group walk to feel welcome, safe and comfortable.  If the walk leader thinks a particular walk may not be suitable for you, they may ask you not to join but should be able to help you find an alternative walk that is right for you. 


Start easy and work upwards 

If you’re unsure which walk difficulty is right for you, try a shorter, easier walk first. Better to realise you are fitter than you thought than to struggle through a tougher walk feeling miserable and exhausted. 


Getting started with walking

If you are new to walking and Ramblers group walks feel like they may be a step too far for you at present, you may like to consider a Ramblers Wellbeing Walk.  Ramblers Wellbeing walks are ideal for getting started with walking and staying active, especially when you’re living with a health condition. Support from trained walk leaders helps you take those first steps towards being more active. And you’ll be amongst a friendly bunch all walking for their own reasons - whether to ward off illness, manage health conditions or boost wellbeing.   

Find your local Ramblers Wellbeing Walk.  

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What to expect when you join a Ramblers group walk

Ramblers group walks open up a world of walking opportunities for everyone.  You can expect a warm welcome, a well-planned route and good company. 

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