What to expect when you join a Ramblers group walk

You’ll receive a warm welcome, follow a well-planned route and walk in good company

A Ramblers group walk is a great way to get out exploring. Here’s what to expect when you join us.  

We’re Britain’s biggest and most vibrant walking community with 500 groups across England, Scotland and Wales. These include a growing number for younger walkers so there’s bound to be a group nearby to suit you. Being a member of the Ramblers means you can walk with multiple groups where you live or explore somewhere new while you’re away. It opens up a wealth of walking experiences: discover different types of walks, meet new people, and walk on different days, wherever you are.    


Here's how you can be prepared: 

Ahead of the walk  


  • With more than 50,000 group walks a year, you’ll find short and long options plus slower and faster paced walks in our Walks Finder. Check the walk description and select walks that you’ll enjoy and feel you can manage. You can always get in touch with the walk leader if you’re not sure – they can tell you more about the walk and others that they lead.   

  • Booking ahead can help the walk leader plan the walk so make sure you book your spot if the walk requires pre-booking. The group can also help with lifts and organising car shared to get you there on the day.

  • Check the weather forecast before you head out and make sure you come prepared. And remember, wearing layers is key. It’s colder and the wind is a lot stronger up high, and the sun can be strong even in winter. Pay special attention to your footwear. Chat to the walk leader if you’re not sure what to wear.   

  • Plan your snacks! Make sure to pack enough food and drinks for the walk. Some extra high-energy snacks are always recommended, and don’t forget extra water on the warmer days.   

  • Many of our walks are dog friendly but be sure to check with the walk leader before coming along as not all walks are suitable for our four-legged friends.  Naturally, assistance dogs are welcome. Again, please check with your walk leader in advance that the terrain is suitable for an assistance dog – we’ll never compromise your safety 


At the start of the walk  

You’ll get a warm welcome from our experienced walk leaders and like-minded walkers in the groups. Striding out together along tried-and-tested routes means we can all enjoy the pleasures of walking, safely and in good company.    


  • Make sure to arrive in plenty of time so you can introduce yourself to the walk leader.  

  • Let the walk leader know if you have any health conditions that may impact your walk or be relevant in case of an emergency. We’ll respect your privacy.  

  • It’s helpful to have an emergency contact in mind too, so you can let the walk leader know who to contact in case of an emergency.    


During the walk  

You don’t have to be the fittest or the fastest to join in. From walking and talking to hardcore hiking – however you feel like getting out, you’ll find a group walk just right for you. Fancy an hour-long urban stroll or want to tackle an all-day hike in some of the most remote and beautiful countryside? All our walks are graded from easy to technical, so you won’t get caught out!   


  • Follow the walk leader’s guidance, pace and instructions at all times. Look out for others in the group – we don’t leave anyone behind! Be aware that plans may change as our walk leaders adapt to conditions on the day and do let the walk leader know if you are struggling at any point.   

  • Follow the Countryside Code (when in England and Wales) and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (when in Scotland).  Leave no trace.      

  • Be kind and considerate to other people in the group and those we meet along the way.  


After the walk  


  • Let us know how you enjoyed the walk. We love to hear your feedback! You can contact your group if you have any questions or want to find out about other walks.  

  • Share your photos with us, but don’t forget to ask people’s permission before sharing photos of them.   

  • Join another walk! Being a member of the Ramblers means you can walk with multiple groups where you live or explore somewhere new while you’re away. It opens up a wealth of walking experiences: discover different types of walks, meet new people and walk on different days, wherever you are.  


Walk as often as you want  

As a member, you’ll be able to join Ramblers group walks as often as you like, and wherever you want to explore. With up to 50,000 group walks open to you, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Not yet joined? Join today to explore more. 

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More questions? 

It’s normal to have some questions ahead of joining your first Ramblers group walk.  Read our common question and answers.  But if you still have questions, the walk leader’s details will be provided as part of the walk details so feel free to contact them.   


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