Walking when you are deaf or hard of hearing

Walking when you are deaf or hard of hearing 

Exploring on foot safely with a hearing impairment    

Walking and spending time outdoors is good for our wellbeing. Being deaf or hard of hearing doesn’t need to stop you enjoying regular walks – with just a few considerations, you can walk with confidence.   

  • Take extra care when crossing roads or rail tracks with poor visibility 

  • Depending on your navigation skills, plan easy-to-follow or well-signposted routes 

  • If you lose your way, you may need to communicate with others so make sure you’re comfortable with this before choosing an unfamiliar route 

  • Remember, walking with a group which includes hearing people may mean the leader provides verbal instructions so, again, check you’re comfortable with this before you join 

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Take your first steps to being more active, with confidence  

If you are new to walking, Ramblers Wellbeing Walks are ideal for getting started with walking and staying active. Support from trained walk leaders helps you take those first steps towards being more active. And you’ll be amongst a friendly bunch all walking for their own reasons - whether to ward off illness, manage health conditions or boost wellbeing.  

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You can find out more about hearing loss, local services, and networks by visiting: 

British Deaf Association